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  • The Trap for Lazy Lovers

    22 November, 2019 by

    Fall not into the trap for lazy loversAnd then mistake such way for paradise:A grassy hill upon the land of lavasThat teems with fruits, blossoms and dancing miceInviting you to join. But you, too wearyOf this unchanging earth, would want to rest,Let fall your back — and sleep without a worry,Drowning in comfort, dreaming you… Read more

  • Scarlet Sunset

    31 October, 2019 by

    The day is done — below, a thousand starsflicker and flash to home; above, the skyunfolds her scarlet skin for eyes courageousand keen to feast upon her sight, to sipthe honeyed light dripping from her exit wounds. The day is done — another wasted chasingthe sun, who yet again escapes to wheredarkness takes shape, an… Read more

  • Sincerely, Prometheus

    28 October, 2019 by

    To Men, my parting words the ravens sing:My children! Look around at everythingI sacrificed for you and your damnation,And pains I grasped beyond imagination.Of them Gods, never I have been afraid.Who made your fleshes out of mud and clay,Tricked the mighty Zeus, stole his cozy fire—Old Prometheus, molder of holy life. From darkness shone the… Read more

  • Poetry in Your Eyes

    23 October, 2019 by

    A poem blooms, its petals smitten words,Its fragrance filled with love, though in your eyesThere lies no elegance to sip a verseNor jubilance to write these dreadful lines. You’re right to think enjambment is a doorWithout a hinge, meter a creaky wayTo waltz, and metaphor a beaten horseOf Death, galloping here to raze our day.… Read more

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